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The majority of comprehensive care services take place out of our ElderONE PACE Center locations.

Factors including participant preference, participant home location, and their unique needs will determine which center they attend.

How often participants come to the ElderONE PACE Center will depend upon their individualized care plan.

Our ElderONE PACE Centers are open Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm.


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Phone: 585-922-2831

Toll-Free: 855-457-4636

Toll-Free TTY: 800-662-1220

Most of your care is provided in a non-institutional setting: either at our ElderONE PACE Centers or right at home. Your care team is located at the ElderONE PACE Center, so your visits will be determined based on your specific care plan. ElderONE provides medical and rehabilitation services as well as hot meals at our centers.

Our centers are vibrant and active; we offer individual projects as well as small and large group activity programs. You'll find programs that are culturally diverse and that offer opportunities to pursue your interests while becoming part of the ElderONE community. 

About the ElderONE PACE Centers Activities

ElderONE PACE Centers have recreational coordinators who organize activities for the ElderONE participants.

Activities offered at the centers include:

  • Worship services
  • Musical entertainment
  • Holiday celebrations
  • Women's and men's social clubs
  • Arts and crafts
  • Games, exercise and dancing
  • Gardening
  • Pet therapy

The ElderONE PACE Centers have a very active Participant Council, which makes recommendations for new activities and offers feedback to the ElderONE program to continually improve participant satisfaction and the quality of the activities offered.

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Hudson PACE Center

2066 Hudson Avenue
Rochester, NY 14617

location image

North Park PACE Center

335 North Park Drive
Rochester, NY 14609

location image

Emerson PACE Center

800 Emerson Street
Rochester, NY 14613

location image

Silver Hill PACE Center

1000 Technology Parkway
Newark, NY 14513