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A Weekly Message From Our Chaplain

"The Lord Does Care!"

There is a 1973 movie called “Message to My Daughter”. It’s about a completely disoriented teenage girl named Miranda who saw the whole world as meaningless, cruel, and stupid. Miranda did not know her mother because she was only two when her mother died. Miranda felt unloved and was incapable of loving anyone.

Then Miranda discovered some tapes on which her dying mother had recorded messages for her daughter. As she listened to the words of her long-dead mother, Miranda realized that she was not the unloved child that she always thought she was.  Her mother had thought of her and loved her very tenderly. This discovery brought about a complete change in the way Miranda saw herself and the world around her. She was finally able to accept herself and put her life together.

I am sure there have been times in our life, and especially during this COVID-19 pandemic, when we have wondered if our God has abandoned us. But we need not wonder. All we need do is read the 17th chapter of John’s Gospel. Jesus is sitting at the table for the Last Supper and has just finished giving his last-minute instructions and teachings to his followers. Jesus knows his life is coming to an end soon. Jesus had every right to think about himself. Instead, Jesus prays for the disciples and apostles sitting at the table with him. And Jesus prays for each and every one of us. In John 17:20 Jesus says: “I pray for these people. But I am also praying for all the people who will believe in me because of their teaching.”  THAT’S YOU AND ME!

What did Jesus pray for? Jesus asked the Father on our behalf for basically one thing: UNITY. “Father, I pray that all people who believe in me can be one.” 

During this time of “social distancing”, unity might seem so very far away. We are stuck in our homes. We can’t hug and kiss the people we love. So we have to, at least temporarily, be creative in our efforts to be connected to others.

If we are computer and/or smartphone people, there is email, texting, FaceTime, Skype, and Zoom to connect with those we care about. We could always send a letter to someone via the US Post Office. And, of course, there is always the telephone. 

Each of us knows someone who would love to hear from us. Let’s reach out to them.

“Loving God, help us stay connected to the people we care about. Remind us to call that person who needs us the most.”

Peace be with you,


Patrick Shanley