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A Monthly Message From Our Chaplain


Give Thanks

One of my most favorite holidays of the whole year is in the month of November - Thanksgiving! Have I ever told you that I love to eat? I mean, there’s the turkey, and the dressing, and the mashed potatoes, and the cranberry sauce – not to mention the apple pies, and the pumpkin pies, and the ice cream pies (a specialty of my wife Jeanne). And then there are the left-overs for the next week and a half. Hmmm! Good food!
But Thanksgiving is not just about the food. Thanksgiving is about giving thanks! Giving thanks for all the wonderful blessings we have. Giving thanks for all the blessings God has given us. Giving thanks for the gift of life. Giving thanks for the gift of family and friends who love us. Giving thanks for having a roof over our head and clothes on our body. Giving thanks for waking up each morning.
Does that mean that our life is perfect and we have no problems? OF COURSE NOT! But Thanksgiving Day is a reminder to us that in spite of all our problems and troubles and issues, in spite of a virus that won’t quit, we can still focus on all that we have and give thanks.
My prayer for you is that you take some time in the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving Day to reflect upon the blessings that have been and are a part of your life.
And may you eat as much turkey and pie as you want.


Peace be with you, 


Patrick Shanley